Cash is always king, and in the name of Cerner, all businesses trust.

Jalen Da-Rod Miles Evans
5 min readDec 23, 2021

Or maybe rich people have just caught onto predicted hyperinflation globally.

Picture of a Red airplane above the red bridge of San Francisco with the word oracle.

Cloud computing software product and service brand Oracle recently made a purchase for Cerner on December 20th, 2021 for almost over $28.3B in cash to expand operations.

Industries covered by oracle today include financial services, telecommunications, utilities, pharmaceuticals, hospitalities, retail, food and beverage, construction and engineering, Manufacturing, Government,

And now, healthcare as the industry is the largest and said to be the most critical vertical market globally, worth $3.8trn in the U.S. alone.

But the question remains,

Why does Cerner trust Oracle?

It is easy to see why Oracle wanted to acquire Cerner in terms of preparing for hyperinflation as the $28.3B as the dollar's value is decreasing and that its chump changes compared to becoming a top leader in a whole other industry worth trillions of dollars. But did Cerner trade in an asset for a deteriorating dollar?

And Cerner isn't the only healthcare brand willing to merge with top Cloud software brands. In April, Microsoft purchased Nuance communications firm for $16B, and Amazon and Google also made investments to take advantage of the increased demand in healthcare.

So, what are the reasons behind this demand and, more importantly, Cerner's willingness to take advantage of Oracle's $28.3B deal, and was it a smart move to make given predicted hyperinflation in 2022?

A global pandemic? Savvy business deals? Past hyperinflation history?

All the above, and Oracle took advantage of all three.

Despite this, the first two will better explain the last one (hyperinflation) and make you wonder.

"Why didn't I see the signs?"

With that said, here are the following reasons why Cerner Trust Oracle.

1. Cerner struggles to tap into expanding market

The global pandemic has made medical professionals and technology more essential than ever. Yet…

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